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Bird Park
:Friday, April 08, 2005

I was asked to bring that thai boy (samuel) around again. This time, I decided to bring him to the bird park...altho after much hesitation.. But I guess, I don't regret doing that.

Well, with birds as beautiful as this... I suppose that's a reason why I don't regret.

This shot took ages.. I guess the bird was camera shy.. Well, we're in the thunderstorm aviary, where you're in a dry area, but they simulate thunderstorms and you can see how the birds behave.. Some will come out and drink the rainwater, others bathe in the rain.. cute...

Just some other photos of birds...

Well, we walked along until we reached the ostriches.. and we spotted a small snake there.. Never seen a live one before.. SO i took a shot of it.

Its supposed ta be a bird park right? meerkats aren't birds!.. well, the ostriches are.... albeit flightless birds..

We went to the lory loft (before goign to the children's bird show, which amused samuel lots) to feed the lorys. The lorys are such cute birds.. This one was even posing for me at the counter, while I was getting bird feed.

Well, these two were too busy whispering sweet nothings to notice me. In fact, they were kissing and cudding (er.. I mean, the bird's equivalent of that..) which I was not fast enuf to snap a photo of..

Now to the scary part.. Samuel started holding out his bowl of bird feed and immediately, one red lory flew to his arm and started with it. He was rather petrified.. I thought one bird wasn't scary....

You're right. One wasn't.. Err, I mean, not until you walk to the centre (where practically all the birds are) and all start swarming toward you. Samuel tried to take a picture of me, but I looked away because the lory was nibbling at my neck and ear... so right at that moment, my neck moved away... wow.. that was scary.. Their claws dug into my forearm as they tried to balance themselves on it.. Petrified, the two of us retreated to the side, scaring away as many of these birds as possible.

Finally, when all were scared away, I found one bird and started feeding it. This one was balancing on the bowl of feed in my hand.

Cute right? err.. I took a pic of its but while its head dunked into the bowl to feed..

We had lunch there.. There was this crane or some other equivalent which kept eyeing our food. Despite being chased away by the waitress (who was quite chio) from time to time, it kept coming back... haha..

Well, I was saving my last shot, but I gave it up for this.. Before we went for the all star birds show (which was just as amusing for samuel, who has seen it only for hte first time) we went to the waterfall.. the highest man-made one in singapore. Well, I saved my last shot for the waterfall, but I guess nothing beats this.. THe birdkeeper was throwing bird feed all over the bridge.. and all the birds just flocked there... WOW!

Well, we did have quite some fun there. The main attraction today was the lory loft.. Quite fun feeding the birds.. Like, how often do you get a bird landing on your hand and feeding off you?

Well, in the evening, we went to attend the funeral of my father's sister's father-in-law... I heard he died because the paramedics from 995 were so inefficient.. they were dallying their time away when the onld man was choking on a fishball. Then they even called to ask 'urgent or not ar?'.... dotz... so in the end, the poor chap's face colour changed... adn he died on the ambulance.. while he was still struggling to stay alive, these paramedics were still strolling slowly to the house...... diao... Then in the end, because it was a choke, they had to report to the police and its become a police case.. in case the choke was purposefully induced by family members so that they can benefit from his insurance payoff or something..

Well, I spent my time while my parents talked to comfort them, just playing with my palm.. But I couldn't stop thinking about her.... I mean, my thoughts would somehow just go back to her.. I dreamt of her for the first time in my life... but yet, she seems so far. I woke up, and like many a time (when I had pleasant dreams) woke up really disappointed. Well, if she's not for me.... why does God want to torture me with her...its been five years already... :(

I shouldn't think too much....

The reversehaven spoke at 11:54 PM

Tour guide
:Thursday, April 07, 2005

Well, Today I acted as a tour guide to someone from Thailand. Samuel, his name was. Too bad I couldn't get a photo of him.. I was too obsessed taking photos of the scenery while we went around to take a photo of him.

Anyway, he does look a lil' bit like Kee Zi(lydia, I think you might know who i'm talking about). He's a chinese too.. like KEe Zi, and attends international school in Thailand. Well, enough of the intro... I woke up late and rushed to Galilee church to pick him up.

Galilee church has been renovated so beautifully. Well, I didn't have time to take more pics of it... So I went on...

Calvary Pandan was under renovation.. haha.. Dr. Tow obviously wanted to have a building capable of complimenting the beauty of its neighbour-Galilee. Well, he spent good money getting the church renovated. But after that, the people of God will have a more beautiful place to worship God in.

Well, I brought Samuel to the science centre. He's never been here before.. There were many things here that kept his interest. Especially this one:

Its basically like a pin cushion. Many many pins put in order. Then when any shape pushes the pins up from the bottom, they will form a shape on the top.

well, After we had enuf fun, we went to Mac for lunch. Both of us had a big mac... with lotsa curry sauce.... then we went to JP. He went to shop for games, and i saw this katana here. I began photographing it, but the lady forced me to stop.. man, what a snob.... like a picture of the katana will take half its value away.. damn..

Well, after that, while searching for naruto merchandise, I found a kunai, shuriken, and forehead protectors. There was even Itachi's forehead protector... the one with the strike over the konoha sign.. MANNNN!! I WANNA BUYYYYYY... but no $$$ :(

Well, after that, I brought him to the esplanade to do some sightseeing. In order to avoid all the cumbersome traffic lights and roads and all that, we took the underpass instead. I saw this poster and was wondering how lame they could get...

Well, it was going to rain by the time we were there. Didn't really get to do much sightseeing. In the end, we just browsed around thro the esplanade mall and went back. I shoulda thought of better places to bring him.. arghs.. Wasn't a very good tour guide.. but anyway, I hope he had fun.. :)

Well, we founda shop selling naruto merchandise.. Naruto's wallet looks so damn funny.. haha..

Well, I finally got bots in RO liao.. now lv 43.. in just 3 days.. whoa...!

I guess, I spent a lil' time thinking of her.. sorting out my thoughts. I feel a lil' bit morbid thinking of her... Somehow, she feels just within my grasp. Sometiems she feels so distant. But the more I look at her, the more I feel she was made for me. But there again, the more I feel unworthy of her...

blah.. shouldn't be thinking too much... bleh..

The reversehaven spoke at 2:23 PM

I dreamt of her last night....
:Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I dreamt of her last night. For the first time ever... I can't recall the details of the dream.... I only remember being at her house with her in the dream.. haaa.....

Sighs.. its been a long time. a very long time. Sometimes... I just wish God would take her from my heart. I mean, if I and her were never meant to be.... if she was never meant to like me... why torture me by keeping her in my heart..?

......set me free.......

Well, anyway, I was supposed ta wake up early to watch LOTR the return of the king.. then I went back to sleep.. cuz I wanted to know the 'ending' of the dream... Well, the dream never really ended.. I can't remember much anyway...

Still, I woke up rather late. Tze yuan was supposed to come over to my house to choreograph our lightsaber moves for our video clip. We managed to choreograph the first five moves, and then after that, we went to my house to watch most of LOTR together.. Then, Jeremy came and joined us for lunch, after which we went to my house and he watched naruto ep 1... He borrowed the whole stack from me.. haha.. for a naruto marathon... hahaa.. hope you have fun, germ...!

WEll, I finished watching LOTR. Nice show, really... the ending was rather hard to understand.. whatever. Now, tze yuan is going to tank me in RO again.. YAAY.. lvl up!! :)

The reversehaven spoke at 1:09 PM

lightsaber training..
:Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Well, I wan to tze yuan's house.. But before that.. It was raining like siao...

Had pizza for breakfast again...

sorry.. the other pics couldn't turn out properly cuz i was using the creative card cam and I was at his house, which is rather dark.. so pics can't be taken...

Anyway, he bought his stick and I bought my Ragnarok online.. so he introed me to the game, and he tanked me (meaning he helped me get xp very quickly)

Well, can't wait till tomorrow. We'll be choreographing our lightsaber moves for our very own lightsaber film.. haha

The reversehaven spoke at 1:20 PM

:Sunday, April 03, 2005

Well, it all boils down to this.... today....

the debate.....

Well, I was with them only for three days from the time they received the motion. Damn.. we lost purely because we didn't have as much time like the last time to prepare our case. Our opponents were from Zhonghua sec, and they had an organised debate team. WEll, If we could win them, they would be totally laughing stock, because they have so much to help them, so much experience... if they could not beat us..... well, but at the least they did...

YISS had their muster parade practice, so we had no choice but to go to the stairwell to practice for our own debate...

Well, I don't feel like saying much more.. just that.. I got really hungry when I got home. otherwise today was rather uneventful..

Well, the SP online registration page was so overly detailed. So many instructions of what to bring on registration day (23rd may) that I really went dizzy and started printing every single page they had ther (for future reference)... damn.. so many instructions. They could have made our lives easier by a lot by asking MOE for our personal info. MOE should have it, no? that will save them the trouble of creating such a stupid server for us to register like that... ARGHS.. its over anyway... relax now...

The reversehaven spoke at 4:23 AM

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