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Stairs...stairs.. In case of stairs use fire...
:Thursday, April 21, 2005

Well, I din't take pics today. Basically bcoz nothing much to take.. besides, if I go around taking pictures... People might think I'm from a Chinese terror cell..

Well, while I was going around with the deliveries today, a lot of things infuriated me....

The saying goes... in case of stairs use fire (the other way ard la bodoh..) I just realised how useful stairs are.. The typicality of high rise buildings is that.... whenever you wanna go to the higher floors (like esp in UOB plaza 1) you have to go to a certain floor and transfer lifts. some lifts, you wanna go to a certain range of floors, you have to take different lifts at ground floors. But what's most infuriating is that the sign posting is NOT CLEAR ENUF!! well, I went to capital tower, and I wanted to go to the 16th floor.. But I looked all around, and ofund no lift to the 16th floor... damn.. Well, worst came to worst.. I went to 20th floor via one of the FOUR lifts in the front and walked down the stairs to the 16trh floor. mendoksen....(troublesome in jap) Then right there and then... I saw a lift.. I used that lift on my way down.. Then ended up, had to transfer floors and all that crap.. and I ended up in some ulu spot in capital tower, and after some effort, then I finally managed to get out.. all this trouble just to deliver a stupid mail. A pity they can't get the post to do it, because it's urgent.. damn.. ok.. whatever.. next time I should just use the stairs instead.. the lifts are a whole damn lot more troublesome..

After the infamous 9/11 incident... all corps started getting scared... and ended up putting heavier security to their buildings.. harrumph.. the security was so tight that I had to get screened 3 times through before they realised i'm delivering a harmless mail to an insignificant nobody that no terrorist would dream of bombing.. oh wat the heck. Then after that three screenings, I ended up (with much effort because of lifts again...) at the 17th floor. But wat the heck.. they told me the mail room was down on the 16th floor.. ok.. wat the heck...!! STAIRS!! NO MORE LIFTS PLEASE!!!...

----one min later... after laboriously climbing another flight of steps...---
I reached the mail room.. but what the heck... the security counter was empty. I saw this guy on the phone behind the counter.. the phone was about 4m behind the counter.. I din't know he was that 'security guard' I was looking around, feeling stupid.. mail roomm... wat the heck .... where the heck is the mail room? then as I was looking, that guy embarrassed me even more. he asked.."what are you doing here?" "er.. i'm here to deliver this mail... er... where's the mail room?" I stammered... I was acting of course.. hoping to poke some fun out of him.. then this guy put down his phone... opened the door which was another 3 m behind where he was previously.. and he brought me through. ok.. thats the mail room.. er... now where's the recep? bleh.... I charged off to the left thinking that the recep would be there, only to be called back by that guy again to the right.. wat the heck.. Then at the recep, the same painful question-"yes can I help you?" OF COURSE YOU CAN HELP ME!!! TAKE THIS DAMN MAIL AND I WANNA GET OUTTA HERE!!! BLEH!!

Man! all these stupid thing.. altho it makes these companies look posh and stuff.. but instead of guarding against terrorism.. It ends up making the company ineffective and inefficient.. Sending in ONE TINY MAIL like this takes me about half an hour to find my way aroudn that stupid building and FINALLY get outta there.. bleh.. after so much effort. when I coulda taken less than five mins to walk to the building, another five mins to get up, deliver, get down.. and five mins to go on to the next one.

swtt.... but who cares.. I'm being paid really well for it.. I'm gonna get access to my very own bank account from now on.. In fact, i'm getting my ATM card tml.. hee...

The reversehaven spoke at 9:12 PM

:Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wargh..! I finally remembered to bring my camera... Although there are quite some things which are confidential, so I had to make sure I din photograph them.

*yawn* so early have to go to work.. haaaa.. well. I guess that's what I'm being paid for-waking up early.. I don't get paid for that in school, so I guess.. I guess I oughta be grateful..haa

early in the morning.. haix.. Somehow, I mysteriously lost my ability to wake up early in the morning.

Well, i'm there liao.. at tanjong pagar.. this is temasek tower.

Well, that's Singapore Concert hall.. we were there not too long ago for the SYF 2005.. Brings back memories.. Some which I am better off without.. whatever..

my workplace!! UIC building.. Well, I got extended for another day.. so if I don't get extended anymore, tomorrow will be the last day I go to work. Then I only worked for four days in total. Well, can't expect to get much outta it.. I calculated.. if they pay at $6 per hour.. I can only get about $48 a day.. which means I get a total of $192.... hm.. I wonder if that's enough to satisfy two of the things I wanna get..

well, I spent most part of the morning doing photostating of the prospectus and delivering(next pic..) Well, I was photostating halfway when I realised that you can use the memory function where you scan page by page, then you print all at one shot.. its faster. THen after I scanned about 25 pages,... I presed 'cancel' by accident.. damn.. had to redo... all the way to 150.. man.!!

Well, delivery of important documents (urgent ones, so they can't get the post to do it.) is my main duty.. I had to deliver these to various companies located around raffles place. Had to do alot of walking.. Luckily it only rained in the afternoon. not now.

damn.. escalator of the golden bridge spoil.. so I guess I gotta take the long way..

I managed to take a few pics of the singapore river while I was at UOB Kay Hian. The view at the top of plaza 1 was totally absorbing. But no photography, especially after 9/11. Security is so tight that they have to log your IC number and all that, then you leave your IC there while you take a visitor pass up and exchange it back after that. But otherwise.. the view of the singapore river... is really somethign I've never seen before..

well, this is the laptop I was using the past two days, for those whom I chatted to while I was at work. It used to belong to someone... who left the company not too long ago.. Well, its a pentium 3.. not too bad..

bcoz that guy left.. this is effectively my personal space in the office.. for now..

the view from the office's common room is really good too.. you see the building in the picture? opposite of the UIC building(which I'm in)? Surprise surprise!! this was where samuel and I got lost in urban wilderness. We climbed a ladder to the carpark of this building here.. remember? one day before the geog O lvls..? haha.. Surprisingly, the employees here utilise that same ladder to go there to play soccer. the guy beside me in my workspace has at least three soccer balls below his desk.. Johnson... pretty nice guy.. suprise surprise.. he studied mech engineering in U... err. what's he doing here in finance? *shrugs*

deja vu.. I suddenly feel like playing fish tycoon again... -_-"

Well, because I did so much manual labour just now (din get to photograph.. I rearranged the entire library of prospectus with the help of anohter guy. ) I was released early.. cool.. oh dear.. I forgot to log today's work time.. lets hope I remember tomorrow.

Well, I met Zhen Ji on the way back.. HE was with Tseh Hwee... both from swiss.. ppl I met in first three mths.. surprise..! another person going to poly.. from my class.!! he loves to suan me... he's going to NP.. that means laptop.. bleh.!!

sighs.. my show's on now.. gotta go..!

The reversehaven spoke at 10:30 PM

argh... no cam again.. bleh...
:Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sigh.. really sorry.. I left home remembering everything BUT the camera... sigh.. can't show u pics of much...

Well, went for work again today.. had many things to do. First up, had to deliver packages to quite a few companies in town.. So I walked all ard raffles place... Then at UOB plaza... cool... the scenery of the Singapore river...........

ok.. I REGRET not bringing my camera.... damn..

Anyway, after that I went for the medical checkup.. I went to eat a full round of Burger King first (because I rmb tze yuan telling me that BK burgers are hte biggest.. bullshit.. the biggest burger they had there was smaller than the big mac..) the thing that made me really full was the coke.. shouldn't have upsized.. I practically felt my stomach go "kerploomp" when I stood up. Well, the urine test was reallllyyyy a challenge.. hey.. it takes quite some skill to collect your urine in the bottle.. ok.. next challenge... don't puke (I just had a FUUULLLL meal... remember?) Well, then I was x-rayed... and the doctor (din't do much.....) barely asked me a few qns, stamped here and there and....... that cost $22.50.... wat the heck.....

Well, I went back to office.. nearly slacked the whole day.. I helped update their stock and shares database by sifting for information in the prospectus booklets of the companies. Sorry I can't reveal more than that.. its confidential.. But anyway, I had quite a lot of fun doing the chao mifen(paper shredding). Well, there was like... a gold mine's full of paper to shred.. I was having so much fun shredding when I realised that the thing got full every ream of paper I shred. so I kept having to empty the thing.. Perhaps I should get a pic of it taken tomorrow. IF I remember my camera... Well, this is still better than my previous job. My superior, tong, was quite a nice guy... altho he talks too much and sometimes I don't understand him.. but he's really a nice guy.. cuz most of ppl in his line would bully whoever is under them.. since they are the ones who get bullied and they dont' get a chance to bully ppl. My hats off to him. He even tries to cover up for the mistakes I make here and then..

well, later on, I had to bank in a cheque.. I ended up in aviva instead of UOB, which I was supposed to go (since the two are in the same building..) then I gave the cheque to the receptionist... which thought it was payment to them or sth.. then when I asked for hte blue slip back.. then she was like.. confused.. (she was rather chio.. by the way.. not as chio as HER tho..) then she went to ask her superior.. tHen her superior told me that I was supposed to go to the bank. not there. then she went on like... "eh... you see pretty girl here then come in ar..." and she kept harping on it.. bleh...!! I was just looking for the bank... its not my fault...!!! I wanted to hurl some insulting phrase or cynical phrase at her... just to get back.. grrr...

well, I returned the camphone to LY liao.. I guess I can't use it to take pics anymore.. so i'll have to rely on the cam.. hopefully the salary I get from this is enuf to get me a decent camphone.. whether second hand or not.

hmm.. well, as to my com hdd probs.. my dad may have a soln.. he's gonna update the chipset.. hope it works!!

The reversehaven spoke at 9:39 PM

:Monday, April 18, 2005

C is for Courageous
L is for Lovesick
E is for Elegant
M is for Mersmerising
E is for Empathic
N is for Nutty
T is for Talented


What Does Your Name Mean?

cool thing.. I felt that this was quite accurate... except for nervy.. "L" could have been "legendary" but wat the heck.!! i'll be a debate legend in YCSS..haha...

I'm wondering when they will start their ELDDS.. When they do, I really would wish to go back help out.

ahh.. anyway, I got a 2-day job from auntie lydia- my mum's fren.. Well, wat I really do in this company is rather confidential, so I'm not supposed ta reveal. but mostly, i do the office jobs.. so I'm mainly like an office asst..

Well, I FORGOT to bring my cam *dang!!* so... no pics, I guess... at least, not till tml.. haha.

Sighs.. still very lovesick.. thro the whole of today, I was banging my head against the wall(when nobody was looking) because I felt like i'm like.... so many classes below her. She's there.. studying in JC.. going to do well for her grades.. popular amonst the guys there.. me? i'm here doing some odd jobs.. going to go into poly..(which automatically makes me one class below her)... going into mech engineering... not very popular amongst the gals... bleh...

ok.. whatever.. I think too much.. sometimes, I just wish I can STOP thinking....


sighs... come back to reality *smacks myself with a smelly tuna* she's way way way higher than you. There's no way you can be worthy of her. :(

The reversehaven spoke at 5:26 PM

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